Video Capture

  johnincrete 15:51 04 Jun 09

I'm having trouble capturing video from my Samsung camcorder using Windows Movie Make & Premier Elements so I am looking for alternatives.
Virtual dub seems promising by I can't find how to download it. I start at click here
Can anyone see where the DOWNLOAD button is please?

  OTT_Buzzard 16:06 04 Jun 09
  johndrew 16:17 04 Jun 09

I have not used Virtual dub, but generally you would need to `Capture` the video content or `Import` it depending on the format it is currently in and that in which the video program works with it. From reading (briefly) your link you need to check the format of the files in your camcorder as, "VirtualDub is mainly geared toward processing AVI files, although it can read (not write) MPEG-1 and also handle sets of BMP images." and this may cause you a problem.

Often, after selecting the Capture facility you will need to select the source - camera/DVD player/video player/etc.

You may find it wise to consider purchase of a purpose designed video editing program such as click here

  eedcam 18:27 04 Jun 09

AS asked what format is your Cam and Virtualdub though good is less user friendly than elements .If you are in mini dv then the files are massive justover a Gigabyte for 5 minutes so your pc needs to be up to the job powerwise and memory not to mention plenty of free space on the hard drive

  johnincrete 07:03 05 Jun 09

Managed to download it. Life is far too short to try to puzzle out how it works so I've deleted it.

Thanks for the link - I've saved it for later.
What I need to do is find out why Elements cannot load from my Samsung & I need to find a forum like this for camcorders.

I'm going to open a new thread on Movie Maker in the hope that one of you great people has used it.

Thanks once again

  eedcam 08:28 05 Jun 09

click here
Dont post with just My Samsung give model and format etc., saves time

  johndrew 10:23 05 Jun 09

Might sound daft, but your camcorder is likely to have come with a CD (unless it predates such things as mine does) on which is often software to allow your PC to recognise it. Have you checked and installed it?

  eedcam 11:24 05 Jun 09

No cd is required for a mini dv camera windows will recognise it if connected by firewire.

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