keith-236134 17:05 12 Dec 04

Anyone know how to put video tape onto dvd. Ive got one wire with the camera its yellow and blue. I can get a picture but no sound.

  oseven 20:04 12 Dec 04

Need a lot more info on your equipment before I can help.You start off talking about video tape then switch to camera.
Are you trying to convert VHS thro the camera to your hard drive.?

  281apple 08:03 13 Dec 04

You are really kind of vague in your explaining your problem, but I'll try. When you say video tape and then you mention camera, I don't really know what you are saying. Let me assume that you have a Digital camera and you want to put your video onto the computer. In that case you should have a digital cable out from your camera and in to your computer through the firewall (1394 slot) and you'll find the connection in your My Computer. If you do not have a firewall (1394 connection on your computer, you can not input vidéo into it unless you install a capture card.

  keith-236134 20:34 13 Dec 04

its a camera which uses tape and i want to put it on dvd disk.

  Gongoozler 20:43 13 Dec 04

hairyplums, you're really not being very helpful. To give useful advice people need to know something about your computer, what version of Windows you are using, do you have a video capture card and anything else that might be relevant.

  john-232317 21:31 13 Dec 04

Edit firewall to firewire.....

  john-232317 08:24 14 Dec 04

Try this, loads of help and stuff to try and buy that does what you want, also tells you how.

click here

If its vhs to DVD, the first add looks pucker for the money.

  john-232317 08:26 14 Dec 04

Sorry second add, the bush DVRHSO1

  Hill Billy 12:03 14 Dec 04

hairyplums, take dadyassa's advice. Go to his 'Hyperlik'. Takes you to DVworkshop, free advice website. Absolutely brilliant. Sorted my questions out in no time.
Merry Christmas all.

  Hill Billy 12:07 14 Dec 04

Sorry hairyplums, 'Hyperlik' should say 'Hyperlink'

  Hill Billy 17:24 14 Dec 04

Sorry dadyassa should have said thanks to you for posting this info. Great site.
Ta very much.

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