vhs video to computer

  shwinglow 22:29 06 Oct 09


how can i copy my VHS videos to my computer - i tried connecting a coaxil cable from the back of my video recorder into the back of my computer but nothing happened - i have 'flytv prime - life view suite installed -

  ashdav 01:11 07 Oct 09

I use one of these click here
Comes complete with software.
Inputs are RCA (phono) plugs so if you've only got a SCART connection on the back of the VCR,you'll need to get a SCART to RCA adapter.

  Terry Brown 10:31 07 Oct 09

The best option I have found is to get an old Video player, plug your Co-ax into that and run another cable from the Video player to the computer.

I don't know why it makes adifference, but it does.

  Terry Brown 10:38 07 Oct 09

Sorry I did not read it properly.

have you set your flytv to recieve PAL signal ?

Start the Video and run flytv autotuner to find the right channel.

If there is a choice of Cable or Antenna, select Antenna.

  lofty29 14:14 07 Oct 09

I have copied a load of my old tapes to dvd via a flytv capture card, you need some special leads, scart to rca and adapter audio rca to stereo mini jack, set the input to AV-in, and dont forget to connect the flytv audio out to sound card audio-in.

  Terry Brown 19:39 08 Oct 09

Sorry I forgot to add- On the Video Rcorder set the channel to AV-- Sometimes channel 0

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