VHS unable to record now

  Graham* 26 Jan 12

Since analog transmissions stopped, my friend's VHS recorder can't record. He asks if a digital set top box could be used.

  Belatucadrus 27 Jan 12

The answer is yes but you need one with twin scart connections, one for the Analogue TV and one for the VHS. Then record from channel AV.

  hastelloy 27 Jan 12

Or he might want to get one just for the VCR so he can watch 1 channel whilst recording another.

  Graham* 27 Jan 12

His TV is digital, so a twin scart output would do the trick, thanks.

  natdoor 27 Jan 12

If by "his TV is digital" you mean it has built in Freeview, then two Scarts are not necessary provided the STB has RF loop through. In this case the aerial will be connected to the STB and its RF Out connected to RF In on the TV.

Also, if he does not need to record one programme and view another concurrently, it may be possible to record from the TV onto VHS, obviating the need foa a STB. For this the TV would need a Scart with video out.

I imagine that scheduled recording will be less straightforward because the time/date information is no longer available automatically, necessitating manual set up of these. This needs to be done after every time power is switched off to the VHS for more than a given time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 27 Jan 12

Reasonably easy

Tesco do a set top box Technica for approx £20

Aerial to set top box looped though to VHS and on to TV

TV analogue channel set to VHS output channel

Set top box connected to VHS with scart cable

Set top box can be set to switch to the appropriate channel when the program you wish to record is on. Set the VHS to record from the scart channel at the same time.

Then watch another program using the tuner in the TV

  Peter 27 Jan 12


I realise that this might not be the answer you are looking for, but wouldn't it be easier for your friend to buy a Twin Tuner Freeview Personal Video Recorder (PVR) with a built in hard drive (300Gig+ recommended) and use it to make the recordings, two at a time if needed, that he wants.

The VHS recorder can still be used to playback tape recordings already made and can also be used to make recordings onto VHS tape if there is still a need to do so.


  natdoor 27 Jan 12

Fruit Bat /\0/\

I have not had the expeience of analogue switch-off yet but I do not expect there to be any point in connecting an aerial to a VHS Recorder since after that event there will be no analogue teletext. Are you able to confirm that I am incorrect?

  Graham* 27 Jan 12


You used a word foreign to my friend 'buy'. Does not know the meaning of it. I gave him the VHS player, then he complains it won't record.

Second thoughts, forget the whole thing.

You mean one of these? I have one, highly recommended.

  Peter 27 Jan 12


Yes, the Humax HDR Fox T2 would be just what the doctor ordered, but if your friend has deep pockets and short arms I don't see him getting one - unless, of course, you want to let him have your one ;->


Erm... I may be showing my ignorance here, but surely there's no way an analog VCR can record digital transmissions? If you've got a bunch of ones and zeroes coming down the pipe, surely an analog VCR can't record them or play them back? I'd have said a PVR is the only way to go. Happy to stand corrected, though.


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