USSparky 17:07 08 Dec 04

This is easy to state but not so easy to do, I suspect! Got lots of both kinds of tapes; would like to clean 'em up and put them on DVD. My computer system is good enough (2400+ Pentium, 1G RAM, 120GHD) but I don't know what other hardware/software I need. Any help/suggestions would be most appreciated.


  pj123 17:18 08 Dec 04

Plenty of info on this. Just type "vhs to dvd" in the search box. I found 20 previous threads on this subject.

  g0nvs 17:59 08 Dec 04

What about a standalone DVD Recorder ? Connect your Tape player to the DVD Recorder and away you go. Just bought one for transferring Camcorder footage to DVD, so simple.

  pj123 18:11 08 Dec 04

As g0nvs says that is also a good suggestion. I also have a standalone domestic DVD recorder, but unfortunately, you can't edit the tape. All you can do is copy "as is" to DVD.

You do need a capture device of some description to be able to save to your hard disk and then edit before transferring to DVD.

  woodchip 18:15 08 Dec 04

You need a TV card so you can connect your VHS

  TomJerry 18:16 08 Dec 04

much easier than computer solution and quick as well.

use a DVD recorder, 1 hour video take one hour to convert

use a computer, 1 hour video need 2+ hours to convert, 1 hour capture (you need a TV capture card for this, you can get one around £40), 1+ hour for encoding depend on PC, and 10+ minute for burning

Lite-On LVW5005 Recordable DVD Player. £149.99 from Argos

spend more for new model Lite-On LVW5005 £169.99 click here

  greenlamp 21:17 08 Dec 04

Lite-On 5005 £149.99 here click here

  USSparky 10:40 09 Dec 04

I appreciate all the answers, but I don't hear anyone mentioning the two formats, NTSC and PAL. Is there a single card or attachment which will accept both NTSC AND PAL and allow editing in my computer before recording to the DVD?


  MichelleC 12:13 09 Dec 04

If you capture in ntsc you may have to re-render in pal, but the rendering takes a lot longer than usual.

  TomJerry 12:48 09 Dec 04

unbelievable good value for money, work with both TV format, it even come with Ulead VideoStudio (a video edting package cost over £30 itself)

spec: click here

supplier: click here

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