vga monitor cable

  kazbet 22:35 14 Mar 08

i have just got a pc from a frien and it doesn,t seem to have a vga monitor cable, do i need one to get the monitor working?

  Kemistri 23:00 14 Mar 08

Well, if it relies solely on a VGA interface (or the graphics card only has VGA) then I would consider quite important!

Is VGA the only connector? If both parts have DVI interfaces as well (or instead) then use that in preference.

  kazbet 23:04 14 Mar 08

what is a dvi interface?

  Jim_F 23:32 14 Mar 08

The vga connector looks like this: click here

The dvi connector lloks like this:
click here

DVI is capable of higher definition but VGA is still pretty good.

The VGA connector is usually on a cable connected into the monitor so should just plug into the PC video card.

  Totally-braindead 23:34 14 Mar 08

A VGA connector looks like this click here

A DVI connector looks like this click here

It does the same thing connect a graphics card to a monitor but the DVI is meant to be better. If your graphics card has a DVI output and the monitor has a DVI input then use that, if not use the VGA connector.

  kazbet 23:45 14 Mar 08

but you definately need one of these?

  DieSse 00:14 15 Mar 08

"but you definately need one of these?"

Without one, you will have extreme difficulty (like, no way at all) getting data from the computer to the screen.

But if you got a complete computer - surely there is one there?

On CTR monitors it's often permanently wired at the monitor end.

I'm not quite sure why you are asking the question - do you really, really have no cable to go from the monitor to the PC main box?

  Totally-braindead 18:45 15 Mar 08

I too am puzzled by what you mean. Its like wanting to watch TV without connecting the aerial. It just won't happen.

You need a cable between the graphics card and the monitor to send the signal. Whether you use a VGA cable or a DVI cable depends on what output you have on your graphics card and what inputs you have on your monitor.

Sorry but I can't be any plainer than that.

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