Veryify a disc

What does this actually do? If I burn a DVD I tend to burn at the slowest speed and verify it. What happens when an error comes up during verify? Does that mean that it wont play back correctly on TV and I have to burn again?

  AL47 10:00 11 Jan 09

you shouldnt really burn at the slowest speed

verify is very ficcle, sometmes it will still play sometimes not

I was told burning at the slowest speed prevented write errors - hence coasters.

  AL47 10:45 11 Jan 09

should really be half the dvds max, i have 16x dvds so burn at 8.

Any other opinions or is it half speed and don't bother to verify?

  AL47 10:48 11 Jan 09

i do tend to verify but check it out on a dvd player as well if it hasnt verfied correctly


  DieSse 11:57 11 Jan 09

Verification is essential when burning data and/or software. Any errors could be catastrophic.

I't not so essential on audio/video, as a few random errors probably won't even notice.

Verification is not fickle - it compares what's read from the copy with the source. Bur as above, errors in audio/video, whilst they may be there, don't necessarily ruin the payback.

I burn all my stuff at top speed (but it's an elderlyish writer, so top speed is 4x for DVD and 16x for CD. The only trouble I've had was with some very old unbranded DVD blanks. Bought some new ones and all is AOK again. CDs I never have and never have had problems with.

So although there were errors on the verification the film may play with no problems.

  DieSse 20:09 11 Jan 09

Yup - and then again it may not - depends what and where the errors are.

  tullie 20:22 11 Jan 09

If youve burnt it allready why bother verifying?It will either be ok or not.

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