Very very slow upload

  bemuzed 19:16 04 Oct 10

Hi - I am uploading some video to Facebook and it is running very slow at 0.25kB/s. A similar speed if I try Youtube. Rest of internet running fine. Any ideas? Do I need to adjust something? Been to speed test sites and they say my connection is OK

  DarCol 19:50 04 Oct 10

Maybe it's a server slowdown from youtube, and facebook uses an api to embed youtube videos, so they are being watched from their youtube servers, not facebook. So maybe they are slow because a lot of users on youtube.

  bemuzed 19:56 04 Oct 10

my problem is uploading not watching. very slow

  bemuzed 21:16 04 Oct 10

Mins is 0.25kB/s, note kB/s note MB/s so cealry something wrong somewhere.

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