very unstable windows

ok i am running windows xp home edition on a ecs kv2 mobo 1 gig ddram 400, 64 meg graphics card with tv and svideo output inno3d mx4000 8gig ide drive + 40gig sata drive dual dvd rw + cdrw this is all powered buy a 450w psu the point of this computer is to get premier running on it and use it to video edit now the problem is i keep getting system re starts and blue screen saying get in touch with your hardwear maker if you have seen this page before windows is shutting down to protect your computer does any one know of some cheap / free soft ware that will interigated the system so that i can find out what is acctually offening the computer?

i have run everything seperately ie one memory card no drivers generic drivers it seems to run fine in the safe mode so that means that it must be a driver when i install the video driver it becomes much more unstable but when i remove the driver it collapses every 15mins instead of every 5 i have tried a different graphics card pci instead of agp but that made things worse
any ideas?

  Joe R 14:33 05 Jun 05


how much room is left on your 8 gig drive, and where is your swapfile.?

that should say 80gig drive and it has been pationed off so that the c drive is 15gig in size and it is formatted to NTFS the swap file is located on the c drive i have use 3gig so far and defragmented it

  Joe R 15:19 05 Jun 05

don't know how much this will help, but there seems to be a lot of people having problems with your video card.

click here

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