very stupid person

  kimtrnc 21 Jun 12

I have just managed to lose all my Gmail messages, both in and out.

How I managed to do that, after decades of happy messaging, I cannot explain and my face is now extremely RED.

Anyone tell this ancient idiot how I can retrieve my gmail messages, most particularly incoming, though outgoing would also be useful.....

  Nontek 21 Jun 12

Not guaranteed, but you could try a System Restore back to when all was OK.

  scotty 21 Jun 12

How do you access Gmail? Using a computer I normally access it through a browser (webmail) but on my phone there is a synchronised copy held on the device. Is it a local copy that you have lost? If so, you should still have the messages saved as webmail.

  Woolwell 21 Jun 12

System restore doesn't retrieve data. Which e-mail client are you using or is it webmail?

  lotvic 21 Jun 12

Can you remember anything of what you were doing when they disappeared?

Presuming they are on your PC's harddrive and not webmail?

What email client are you using? and what is your OS (W7,Vista,XP)

System restore won't AFAIK get personal data back.

Have you logged onto Webmail">">Webmail Gmail to see if they are all still on the Server?

  lotvic 21 Jun 12

Links are playing up again.... try this

  kimtrnc 21 Jun 12

Great idea, but unfortunately it didn't work. I used system restore, back to a few days when everything was working properly.

Lotvic, I am using Gmail directly, via firefox. Never had a problem before. My system is XP. Not sure which version. I was taking off unwanted messages when the system cleared everything...except some stuff that I last saw about 3 years ago! The link you sent me did not work at all, I'm afriad.

Woolwell, I use Gmail directly. I CAN use Thunderbird, I think, but that too is erratic. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it just won't.

Beginning to look as if I will have to upgrade to Win 7, which I hate. Thanks everyone for trying to help/

  Woolwell 21 Jun 12

When you delete gmail using your browser Firefox (webmail) then it goes to the bin folder. Unless you emptied that all of your e-mails should be there.

  Woolwell 21 Jun 12

ps this has nothing to do with XP or W7.

  lotvic 21 Jun 12

You seem to be using Webmail Gmail. As per Woolwell says: Everything will be in the Bin folder so open the Bin and select all the emails then click on the icon that looks like a folder which will bring up a menu of folders you can move them to.

(note: the move folder icon will not appear until after you have ticked/selected some emails)


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