Very Slow Virus Scan

  roygbiv 08:40 23 Nov 06

When I do a Virus Scan using AVG, it takes over 4 hours !! it stops two thirds of the way at ntoskml.exe what is this file ?? (I have turned of screensaver no difference)

Also the shut down takes ages (30minutes) I have done all the usual things advised from earlier posts)... TIA ..Alan

  Technotiger 09:39 23 Nov 06

Hi, I think that file is in fact a virus - I would advise you to run every clean-up/adaware/regscrub/ccleaner and everything else you can lay your hands on to try to rid yourself of it. But sorry I can't be more specific, I expect others will come to help you anyway.

Good luck.

  roygbiv 10:10 23 Nov 06

I have just noticed these =






The last one was mis read in my last post (sorry) it is on this one that the VS seems to take forever /or even pause.

  Jackcoms 10:13 23 Nov 06

click here=

Not a virus. The .dll files should all be left well alone! Try a Windows repair

  Gongoozler 10:14 23 Nov 06

Those files are all legitimate parts of Windows. Do you have any other antivirus programs on your computer?

  billypilgrim 10:15 23 Nov 06

I dont think this is a virus.

There are reports on the grisoft forum of people having scanning problems with AVG 7.5. This is the suggested solution. In the scan control area, look at the Scan Selected Area, you will see an option 'Scan System Area before the Test Starts', with a yellow exclamation mark. This is checked by default. Uncheck, then you should be able to run your scan.

  Technotiger 11:32 23 Nov 06

Me again - agree with all the above, do NOT delete .dll files, they are legitimate driver files.


  roygbiv 17:08 28 Nov 06

still very slooooooooooow (15 minutes, but I can live with that !!!

  Jake_027 17:16 28 Nov 06

that could be the problem. I'm only guessing but that looks like a registry file:

nt=New Technology (Windows NT, the technology windows is built on I think)

os=Operating system

krnl=Kernal (or registry)

If you have a lot of programs try uninstalling some, if nothing else it will speed up your PC and free up hard disk space. After that try a registry cleaner. Theres people on here who can recommend good ones.


  groundhogs 17:47 28 Nov 06

Tray uninstalling AVG and buy BitDefender 9 or 10 pro.

  Technotiger 17:49 28 Nov 06

These tell you more about ntoskrnl ...

click here

anyway, glad you are sorted now.

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