Very slow to open folders in Windows Explorer

  Tim 09:49 04 Jan 04

After using Windows Explorer for a short while doing file operations, I find that it starts to take a very long time to open folders. It can take over 30 seconds and sometimes up to a minute.

I notice the same problem when using My Computer to look at files.

Closing and restarting Windows Explorer does not help. Only rebooting the computer helps for a short while and then the problem comes back.

I use Windows 98SE.

Tim Edwards

  johnnyrocker 09:57 04 Jan 04

have you run a virus/worm check.


  Tim 11:46 04 Jan 04

I have Sophos virus protection on my PC and it has not found anything.


  johnnyrocker 11:48 04 Jan 04

what sort of worm/spyware do you have if any?


  anon1 12:30 04 Jan 04

do you have a lot of sub folders in the "my Documents" folder? If you do try moving some of them out to another location.

  Simsy 11:02 05 Jan 04

It could be a memory thing, with windows not releasing enougth when tasks are finished.

Give "Cacheman" a try... wclick here

I've used it for ages and one of the things it solved was exacty the symptons you describe. I'm also on 98se.

Good luck,



  Tim 19:18 05 Jan 04

Thanks for the various ideas so far:-
I have downloaded Cacheman and I am still getting the same problems (although I have not yet rebooted since installing it).

What do you mean by worm/spyware? I did not know that it was different from the virus protection software which I have.

I do have a fair number of sub folders in My Documents. However, as I have the same problem with any folder on the hard disk and even on folders on my second hard disk, I doubt that this will help.


  wee eddie 22:08 05 Jan 04

When I get to about 3rd/4th level files it can be almost impossible to open them.

I gave up using My Docs because of that problem is much worse.

  anon1 16:31 07 Jan 04

Trust me. remove some of the subfolders from "my documents" folder, it is a system folder and it will slow the system if it gets too many files/folders within it.

  Tim 20:00 07 Jan 04

One thing I discovered that was there was over 200,000 files on my hard disk. The vast majority of them - oover 90% were temporary internet files. I have now deleted them and will see if that helps my problem.

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