Very slow getting into PCA

  ponytail 21 Feb 13

Just wondered if anyone else had problems trying toget into PCA.It took me nearly ten minutes to get in yet my PC is running fine.I logged onto seveal sites and got straight in so wondered if anyone else had the same problem

  chub_tor 21 Feb 13

I tried earlier today and gave up and about 10 minutes ago I tried again, it took a couple of minutes to get it loaded but since then it seems to be getting better.

  chub_tor 21 Feb 13

Maybe I spoke too soon as that took 30 seconds from hitting Post to actually seeing it posted.

  Newuser939 21 Feb 13

I must admit that I always find the PCAdvisor web site one of the slowest to load. I have always assumed that that is at least partly down to the number and nature of the adverts displayed. I am the first to recognise that the site must be viable and that it is the adverts that pay for it. However, I do wonder sometimes if the balance is quite right.

  Chronos the 2nd 21 Feb 13

This has be brought up countless times and absolutely nothing is done about it. It is something you just have to live with.

  woodchip 21 Feb 13

as above, you may as well go watch tv or make a cup of tea

  Pine Man 21 Feb 13

Still no improvement and it's not even the weekend yet;-)

  woodchip 21 Feb 13

ok hear with j-sctript off


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