Very slow computer

  pitcairn 19:45 17 Jul 11

I am running Vista with Yahoo as home page. My computer is very slow to start up and even slower to close down. I have run Malaware and it did not show any problems. Can anyone offer advice?

  wee eddie 21:33 17 Jul 11

Get into these two, and do a good old clear-out, CCleaner and Defraggler. There is little to loose and possibly a decent speed hike from a crap free system, to gain. They're both free.

  mole44 05:11 22 Jul 11

Some times you have to bity the bullett,save all your data e.t.c. and reinstall windows, a pain i know but you'd be surprised the crus that you accumilate on your machine.wee eddie is right try this first though both programs are excellent,to get defraggler click on the pear on ccleaner (Top righthand corner) and you'll find it in there,

  onthelimit1 14:28 22 Jul 11

Have a look to say how much RAM is installed as well. An increase is often cheap and effective.

  pitcairn 17:31 22 Jul 11

How do I get a free ccleaner?

  chub_tor 18:47 22 Jul 11

How do I get a free ccleaner? Click on wee eddie's link.

  pitcairn 21:14 22 Jul 11

Must have had a senior moment!!

  onthelimit1 09:12 23 Jul 11

Did you check the amount of RAM? Right click 'My Computer' then 'Properties'. A lot of Vista computers were sold with insufficent RAM, so it's worth a check.

  Aitchbee 11:13 23 Jul 11

If you have got Ccleaner then click on Tools on the lhs and then Startup.You can disable programs when your computer is switched on.And can put them back on when you want them.


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