Very slow computer

  Molly_Don 15:08 15 Apr 09

Can anyone advise me how to do a log to be checked, my computer is very slow, most pages keep hanging, I've run superantispyware / CC / kaspersky virus scan,I'm sure there's crap on here that I'm not aware of

Thanks if anyone can help

  birdface 15:19 15 Apr 09

Try.Run type in cmd.Command prompt will open type in ipconfig /flushdns [leave a little space between ipconfig and forward slash or it will not work] Ok.It should tell you DNS Cache has been flushed ,if so reboot your computer and see if it is running any better.Have you downloaded the latest Microsoft updates.

  Molly_Don 15:46 15 Apr 09

Hi buteman

I've done what you said and just updated windows latest updates, but most web pages are just hanging including this one

  iscanut 18:44 15 Apr 09

Are you running IE7 or 8 or Firefox ( latest ?) ? XP or Vista ? Memory ? etc.. Also try this click here it is very good..

  Molly_Don 12:23 16 Apr 09


I'm running IE7 - XP I don't know how to check for the memory, re the link you gace above, I clicked on it and got this click here I'm not sure what to do.

  iscanut 12:27 16 Apr 09

Download it and then run it ! It will check for nasties that may be hidden away on your pc ! It's an anti spyware program. To see what memory your pc has, go to Control Panel, System, General..the ram will be shown in the dialog box.

  Molly_Don 13:15 16 Apr 09

Hi iscanut

I've clicked download, I have to register 1st to get the download, is that correct?

  iscanut 13:34 16 Apr 09

I don't remember registering, but maybe I did although the version I have is free, so don't pay for anything !

  Molly_Don 14:02 16 Apr 09

Thx, when I clicked on download, this is what I get click here=

I'm not happy about registering on websites I'm not familiar with (I mean no offence to you offering the link)

  iscanut 14:36 16 Apr 09

OK it's up to you. I think quite a few of us on these forums use Malwarebytes.

  Molly_Don 15:03 16 Apr 09


There's something I'm not doing right because it's asking me for a fee

click here=

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