very slow closing IE down

  charlton200 21:13 29 Apr 08

My PC working OK, but when i click the x to shut IE down so only the desktop left, it is so slow,just like its froze, than finally it closes down.

Any idea what could be causing this.


  birdface 07:25 30 Apr 08

Look in Taskmanager to see what programs are running when shutting down.Microsoft looking for updates can cause this.Try turning automatic updates off and see if it works any better.If it works better,Once you have rebooted a couple of times you can try turning Automatic updates back on.

  charlton200 08:22 30 Apr 08

I have done what you said and it does seem a bit quicker but not as fast as it should be.

Thanks for your advise

  birdface 09:10 30 Apr 08

There are other ways to speed up the shut down but unfortunately I am not sure how it is done.Someone else will be able to advise you better.

  Terry Brown 09:17 30 Apr 08

A much better option is FIREFOX, it is quicker than IExplorer and has more features. keep IE for downloading updates.

  Ventad 09:23 30 Apr 08

I am not sure wether AVG8 has some conflict I get a freeze and just a clear white page sometimes when closing down and have to use Task Manager to close down, I was wondering if AVG8 is now in conflict with SpywareBlaster!!

  birdface 09:32 30 Apr 08

It has a conflict with spywareblaster.McAfee Site Advisor.And maybe Spybot.If just having those problems.maybe a system restore to a time before you had the problems might help, you would then loose AVg 8.Or just stay with it until AVG sorts out the problems.

  Ventad 09:37 30 Apr 08

Thanks for confirmation, I think I will stick with it, I have sent off to microsoft the details when I got the box do I want to send them particulars, it might be nice to see if they come back with something

  charlton200 10:34 30 Apr 08

I have avg 7.5 spywareblaster - spybot.

I have downloded Firefox this week but not started useing it yet

  birdface 12:34 30 Apr 08

You can always give Firefox a try.Then you just click whichever one that you want to use.

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