very loud fan

  adamagain 00:15 27 Aug 06

Im not sure if my fan wasent working before but now is or if its been working but its got louder

I couln not hear it at all till recently but now it seems really loud

It seems to kick on and off every 2 or 4 min even if im just on the net ,So it not working hard etc,and stay on for about 3 min

As i said untill today no noice at all
s there away to find out

  sean-278262 00:18 27 Aug 06

Would help if you tell us what parts your computer has so we can tell you more precisely. But it sounds to me like that the fan bearing is giving up. You will have to get a new fan if this is the case which is quite certainly the reason. Other things could be that the fan has worked itself loose over time and needs reseating on the heatsink.

  Belatucadrus 11:40 27 Aug 06

Identify the fan with the problem first, with the average desktop computer you're spoiled for choice, CPU, Case in, Case out VGA card or PSU.
With the exception of the PSU all should be easy to clean and/or replace.

  Stuartli 11:52 27 Aug 06

When you find out the noisy fan you should be able to carefully remove the cover over the bearings and insert a few drops of thin oil. Do it with the cover area facing upwards and ensure it is leakproof afterwards.

I use Slick50 or EasyGrease oil which are both available in aerosol form - it's a "dry" oil and usually cures a noisy fan while providing much smoother operation.

As a bonus these products are brilliant for double glazed door and window mechanisms, along with car locks, ensuring smooth operation without leaving marks on clothing which may catch in the locks.

  jack 14:39 27 Aug 06

As with Stuartli - lubricate with recommended or has been know with drip off a dip stick[True this - a Tiny engineer to a friends machine] but not WD40- this will dry it completely.
Then whilst you are at it give it a good dedusting/fluffing.
Make sure the self adhesive seal is over the bearing if- necessary make and glue a new one[ cut from a milk bottle top or similar thick Ali foil]

  Stuartli 15:14 27 Aug 06

Car engine oil just might prove a little too thick in this case - that's why I've mentioned a thin oil - apart from the fact that it could include dirt particles from the engine.

Sticking with the car theme I used to use Redex in my Thorens 160 record deck's spindle housing...:-) Absolutely perfect for the purpose at the time.

You might also have some 3-in-1 oil which would also be suitable for your fan(s).

  jack 20:16 27 Aug 06

Stuartli I certainly would not recommend 'dipstick oil or any other Auto oil simply illustrating what a TINY engineer did
-I wonder who he works for now?

  woodchip 20:18 27 Aug 06

I would say the CPU Heatsink needs cleaning.

  Stuartli 21:47 27 Aug 06

A local garage as a mechanic?

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