Very Loud Annoying Crackling

  ktheed1 19:06 06 Feb 04

I have a problem when ever i play mpeg's i always get a lous digital crackling sound for example in a film when a women speaks it crackles then when ever the sound is at a certain pitch, when ever i play MP3's they sound perfect,

ive a soundblaster live 5.1 soundcard, also i have tryed unplugging BOTH the audio cables from the cd/dvd drives and even taken the coaxiel aerial lead from my tv card,

and still nothing but sound and crackling

if someone can help me asap because i got mates comming over tonight and were watching a film

cheers kieron

  ktheed1 19:48 06 Feb 04


  ktheed1 11:05 07 Feb 04


  Indigo 1 11:45 07 Feb 04

Try removing the sound card and re-seating it also any cables from the DVD drive make sure all connections are good.

  A15 14:08 07 Feb 04

I had the exact same problem once. I temporarily cured it by replacing the HDD cable with a new one, but soon the interference was back. I took the PC apart but could not work it out. It turned out that I had a problem with my PSU, it was spiking the system & supplying, for want of a better word, "dirty" power which was interfering with the system. Unfortunately I did not notice until it caused irreparable damage to my HDD controller.

You could also try moving your sound card to the furthest slot from any network or video cards, as they have been known to pick up interference from these sources.

without wanting to sound too obvious, have you re-installed the sound card drivers or updated them lately? you could try a new or different speaker cable or try the one you use with something else to make sure it works?

  hugh-265156 15:06 07 Feb 04

try a different pci slot(as far away from your graphics card as possible)this worked for me.

also see click here(324),Kb=Creative

  woodbexhill 15:07 07 Feb 04

Have you tried streaming audio (from a CD), does this also make the crackling noise?

  hugh-265156 15:08 07 Feb 04

sorry,above link click here

  ktheed1 16:56 11 Feb 04

i took the computer down to pc world and they said that as mp3's play fine that it cant be the sound card they even changed the soundcard for me for nothing, so it cant be that they said it is most likley to be the codecs there is something wrong with them so how do i uninstall all of my codecs so i can reinstall them

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