(Very) Hot Acer

  jimforrest 09 Aug 12

Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 5742 Laptop with Win7 and 4gb Ram. Basically it has started getting very hot and shutting down. It is approx 18 months old and this started perhaps 4 months back. I downloaded a CPU temp programme so I can see what it going on. There are a few points worth noting - The overheating always occurs not long after turning the laptop on, which suggests something is running and overloading the Ram/CPU. Normal CPU usage is around 20% but it sometimes jumps to 60+% and then shuts off. I suspect one of the anti-virus, malware progs but can't find out if they are running. Is there a little prog that will tell me what's running (and let me stop it)? Acers are well known for overheating it seems - shame I didn't know that before I bought it - so I have modified the grilles etc in accordance with various advice given on forums. I suspect it has helped but not resolved the problem completely. I have cleaned the cooling fan rotor of fluff etc - but I can't get the lower casing off completely because something is holding it near the USB connection. I've followed the published instructions but I darn't pull the casing too hard in case it splits. Sometimes if I tap the casing just above the keyboard the cooling fan speeds up. Not every time but sometimes. Is the fan/motor assy replaceable or can I lubricate it? (Assuming I get the casing apart!) Any help will be useful.

  northumbria61 10 Aug 12

You can replace the fan depending on how confident you are at opening up your laptop - instructions here enter link description here

Alternatively you could try a laptop cooling fan which sits underneath your laptop - there are plenty to choose from - enter link description here

  northumbria61 10 Aug 12

Sometimes if I tap the casing just above the keyboard the cooling fan speeds up. Not every time but sometimes

This could be a loose connection which would still require you to open up your laptop to investigate.

  finerty 10 Aug 12

yoiu could one of these for £3.50

laptop cooler

I have used for the last 3 years on my laptop after my lappie was extremerly hot hot

  jimforrest 10 Aug 12

Cheers chaps - I will try to open the casing again (just to check for fluff and loose connections etc). If no go I'll get a cooling fan (or a new laptop!

  northumbria61 12 Aug 12

Jim - if no go I'll get a cooling fan *(or a new laptop!

I think I would go for the cheaper option! (joking)


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