vertical taskbar

  kapeekmegwan 21:26 04 Dec 03

windows XP. Does anyone know how to correct problems with the taskbar? I have it set up vertical on the right hand side and it has been o.k for more than two years. Today it has taken over half the window so that I cannot really use mu comp. ptoperly. It comes up fine when I reboot and then if I keave for a while it has taken over when I return. Be grateful if anyone can put me right on this.

  Keith 21:35 04 Dec 03

... place mouse pointer on edge of taskbar till it turns into a double-sided arrow. Then click and drag the edge of the taskbar towards the side of the screen. May be obvious - sorry if I told grandma how to suck eggs! Keith

  VoG II 21:40 04 Dec 03

Right click the taskbar and select "Lock the taskbar".

  kapeekmegwan 23:00 04 Dec 03

Kieth how did you know I was a grandma lol.Tried that but it wont work.
VOG. Taskbar is always locked.
any other ideas?

  BarryKeith 00:03 05 Dec 03

You need to unlock it to adjust it.

  BarryKeith 00:03 05 Dec 03

You need to unlock it to adjust it.

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