vertical band on compaq tft8020?

  stevo28 14:19 19 Mar 08

i have a compaq tft8020 monitor;the unit is a bit ancient,but still working ok. It has developed a vertical band approx 1.5" wide from the top to bottom of the screen; about a quarter width from the left side of the screen. I would appreciate any help as to possible fault/solution. Thanks.

  Engaine 09:39 22 Mar 08

Me too. In my case, four vertical bands, each 35mm, 35 mm apart. Switching computer and screen on cold, the screen displays as normal, but bands appear after about three minutes. Screen, PC or driver problem?

  johndrew 10:27 22 Mar 08

Have you tried checking all connections from PC to monitor and re-seating your graphics cards? And you could try re-seating RAM as well.

  stevo28 16:28 22 Mar 08

thanks..have decided to put the tft up for sale, the picture is also a bit jaded colour wise, hopefully a repair bod will purchaae at a decent price.

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