Version.dll error message now!

  PurplePenny 00:26 02 Jan 03
  PurplePenny 00:26 02 Jan 03

Happy New Year folkses,
I had a problem with some dll error messages a few weeks ago. Thanks to info from this forum I extracted new copies of them from my Win98Cd and got rid of them.
BUT now I get different error messages:
When staring up- "RUNDLL Error loading powrprof.dll.The system cannot find the file specified." -or- "Error Starting Program A required .DLL file, POWRPROF.DLL was not found."
When opening/using numerous progs (eg SFC, Opera, IE6)- "Error starting program. The Version.dll file cannot start. Check the file to determine the problem."
I've checked the M$ KnowledgeBase and found one appropriate article (188213) for the powrprof error message. The cure is to extract a new copy of powrprof.dll - did that - didn't work.
For version.dll error message there is only a single article (137273) which says to extract a new copy of ver.dll (not version.dll) - did that - didn't work.
So I extracted a new copy of version.dll as well - didn't work.

D'ya think that the time really has come to reinstall Win98? Or would upgrading to 98SE be a better option? I'm not going to upgrade to XP (don't think my old PC would be up to it).


PS As PCA was down and out I had to go elsewhere ... so I tried the microsoft newsgroups. Sadly it seems that the MS-MVPs can only answer questions with "see this KB article". I got one rather supercillious reply informing me that I was mixing up ver.dll and version.dll as though they were interchangable and that they are two separate files. I replied that I wasn't mixing anything up, that I knew that they are two different files - I was merely following instructions from M$'s own article - I didn't get any reply to that :-) They all told me to use SFC even though I mentioned several times that it wouldn't run :-(
Are there any MS-MVPs on here?

  TOPCAT® 01:11 02 Jan 03

... - scroll down the page to see it. TC.

click here

  PurplePenny 23:47 02 Jan 03

Thanks TC. I've now got rid of the powrprof error message by using msconfig (so I haven't got rid of the error - just stopped it coming up!).

But I still have the version.dll error that is the real problem.
So much needs version.dll - I can't get online because neither Opera nor IE/OE will open, I can't run SFC, I can't save, cut+paste or send to floppy/CD.

Wish I knew what had caused it in the first place.

  VoG™ 23:58 02 Jan 03


Have you tried an on-line virus scan at click here or click here

  PurplePenny 14:20 03 Jan 03

VoG - "yikes!" ... my sentiments entirely.
I did wonder about a virus but McAfee is one of the progs that won't run, I can't get online either.
BUT ... I've just run F-Prot for DOS from floppy and the good news is that it didn't find any viruses.
I'm at a complete loss ......
I even bought a CD of share/freeware with all sorts of diagnostic utilities ... it contained just what I needed - something that would check the dlls etc ...
but Sod's Law being what it is that utility doesn't run from the disk and when I try to install it ... yet another dll error message.


  VoG™ 14:34 03 Jan 03

Here's a possible solution click here

Having read Q137273 I have to agree that it is absolutely confusing!

  woodchip 14:51 03 Jan 03

You may be better just running Win98 setup over it's self, to over wright the files that are giving you problems it does not always work but it's worth a try nothing to loose

  PurplePenny 15:31 03 Jan 03

That post you pointed too seems to be exactly my problem. Even down to the fact that the copy of ver.dll being used is in sysbckup not system (I looked in the applog of something that produced the error message). I too found as many copies of version.dll as I could (including the two on the russian website).

That person solved the problem by extracting a new copy of ver.dll to sysbckup .... I thought that I had already done that but I'm off to try it again.

Thanks VoG


  PurplePenny 15:34 03 Jan 03

I've picked up the Win98 CD several times and wondered whether to just reinstall over the top - but I just can't face all the software hassles I'll end up with :-(

It might still come to that though.

Question - could I upgrade to 98SE with 98 in the state it is now or would that be a Very Bad Idea?



  PurplePenny 20:45 03 Jan 03

Oh gosh and darn it, oh botheration, oh drat, fiddlesticks ....shhhhhhhhhi..ugar

Extracting a new copy of ver.dll to sysbckup didn't make any difference :-(

BUT ... here's a clue ... I've compared all the versions of ver that I've found. From the earliest W98 version to the current one used by XP they have different creation dates but are all the same in every other respect - same Technical File Information, the same File Version Number (, same size.

But the file from sysbckup is completely different, it's half the size, different Tech. File Info. and no File Version Number - so it isn't a Windows file.

In which case a new Windows copy *should* have cured it shouldn't it?

I'm going to reinstall.

Now the question is just whether to reinstall over the top - if there is a deep rotted problem (like a virus that virus scanners are not picking up) would it still lurk?

Thanks again everyone,

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