Venice and Winchester

  crosstrainer 14:29 27 May 06

Hi Hope someone can clear this up for me.. have just built new sli system but used an older winchester cored amd athlon 64. I installed 4gb of ddr400 but system only sees 2.75gb. Removed 2 gb and performance the same been told that in order to use the full 4gb need a Venice cored athlon? Also been told that only xp 64 will fully support that amount of memory. System is running superbly and would prefer to wait for Vista before yet another os purchase. Will buying a newer venice cored athlon make much difference?

  Totally-braindead 14:32 27 May 06

Who told you this? I'm not saying its wrong or anything I'm just curious. What motherboard is it you have, as if this is the case it must be something about the motherboard that is the cause?

  crosstrainer 14:36 27 May 06

This info came from the AMD website, and from a tech support guy at Misco. Motherboard is Elite sli supreme, all latest drivers installed... have tested all mem modules in my other machine and all are fine (also winchester) also only recogonising 2gb!

  Totally-braindead 14:38 27 May 06

Is this it? click here

  crosstrainer 14:42 27 May 06

Yes same mobo, but this is a msi neo platinum same result same chipset... performance is superb graphics wise canes all top end games with all high detail settings, just puzzles me i think its a windows issue, 32 as opposed to 64 bit?

  Totally-braindead 14:45 27 May 06

So thats the wrong board then. What you have is an MSI one, that right?

  Totally-braindead 14:47 27 May 06

Which one is it you have click here

  crosstrainer 14:51 27 May 06

I have two machines. One with an msi k8neo and amd 3200 athlon 64, and one with the sli extreme that you correctly identified. Both have the older winchester core athlons, but only the elite has sli. The testing part meant i just took each mem module out and used them sequentialy in each machine.. same result.

  ed-0 15:43 27 May 06

So this is the motherboard? click here

It has interesting reading e.g.

Due to the South Bridge resource deployment, the system density will only be detected up to 3+ GB (not full 4GB) when each DIMM is installed with an 1GB memory

The Maximum memory speed decreases when the following two memory combination is selected:
- Each channel is installed with two double-sided memory module
- Both DIMM1 and DIMM3 are installed with double-sided memory module

If you use ddr 400 then they must be single sided. For full speed in all 4 memory slots.

If you use ddr333 then they can be double sided. For full speed in all memory slots.

What are your memory modules?

  crosstrainer 16:02 27 May 06

All Single sided, had a look at the Microsod (sic) knowledge base seems like an os issue to me but still confused, just a perfectionist I guess, not like the sytem isn't running right.. heads right in the game, but i still feel that a definitive answer is there. Buy a venice or wait... what do you reckon?

  crosstrainer 16:04 27 May 06

Youve got both mobos right, but the two machines are also using 32 bit xp pro forgot to tell you that long computing day more to come methinks!

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