VCR tapes to DVD'---diy or a company to do it

  SparkyJack 08:03 19 Mar 15

I have been asked how to do the above by one of my flock

By vhs to PC. Or vhs to PVR or recommend a supplier.

Any suggestions?

  Batch 08:45 19 Mar 15

I did something like this years ago.

As I recall, I connected VHS recorder and DVD recorder to TV (using SCARTs). I probably played backed the VHS to the TV and then picked up the output from the TV via the TV's other SCART socket and recorded this on the DVD. There might have been some degredation in quality, but not seriously noticeable (as all looks poor by today's standards).

Of course, problem (as much as anything) today might be finding a TV with two SCART sockets.

  Ventad 08:46 19 Mar 15

I found it easy enough to copy my VHS cassettes to a DVD by connecting the VHS to a DVR. My older DVR could copy to any type of disc and also to an SD card newer types record to all types of storage. If you want more than one copy save it first to the HDD in the DVR/PVR and copy away after. I also connect my camcorder to it and record to DVD's.

  OCTCORE 09:29 19 Mar 15

You could probably buy a VHS to DVD recorder on ebay, make sure it is the type that records to dvd, as some are just dvd players.

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