VCD Sound Sync Problem

  woodbexhill 23:10 15 May 03

I just downloaded Part 1 of "The Animatrix", a series about the world of the movie - "The Matrix".

It was a 150mb, high res video - file type - .move (quicktime).

After recently purchasing a DVD player I decided it was time to tryout VCD...

After a few searches on the internet, I downloaded some utilities and began the process. I firstly used 'EQ Video' to convert my movie and sound to MPEG-1 format after which I used 'VCDEasy' to automatically create a CD Image of the movie and necessary files and then burn it to a CD. After a few hours, I had a final CD with Part 1 of the Animatrix on it.

I put it on my DVD Player (Not PC) and played it, the picture was suprisingly good and I was very pleased but I noticed the very annoying problem...the sound does not appear to be synchronised with the video itself, most speach and SoundFX coming around 15-20seconds too late.

I'd really like to find out why this is happening because the visual quality of the VCD Suprised me and I think I could make good use of them, but before I continue to make a second CD, I want to ensure I will not have any Sound problems.

ANY Help, greatly appreciated.


  BBez 07:44 16 May 03

this is common when you first start encoding. click here for the best encoding software available and the quick time plugin you need to do it. click here for general guides on creating vcd's

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