vanishing email text!! pleeease help

  boybrown 18:05 11 Nov 04

Hi folks,

I posted this a while ago but noone was able to help.

I use OE for my email account. When I open OE all seems fine and normally I have a preview pane open to see the content of e-mails. OE keeps on spontaneously removing all the content and all I am left with is a blank e-mail and all stuff has gone! I then have to re-boot in order to get OE to let me view any e-mail content.

As I said the e-mails open but all text has dissapeared!

I would be really grateful to anyone that could come up with ideas?

I run Office XP


tom :o)

  canard 22:25 11 Nov 04

It's best to disable preview pane as viewing an email in it plonks any nasties it contains on yourHD. Is it poss that you have some security device/setting wiping it or if you're not topped up with AV updates you should update your AV and do a scan for what may have already installed iitself. To see what's inside an email r click it and then click properties and select the details tab.

  Peter 22:45 11 Nov 04


It's a bit of a long shot, but I've experienced disappearing text when I've tried to paste some text into an email I was constructing and it just disappeared. I found that it was being pasted as white text on a white background. After reselecting the text and changing its colour to normal, i.e. black text on a white background, everything was okay.

Try selecing where you think the text in the message should be and change its colour.


  boybrown 14:43 29 Dec 04

HI folks,

Got it sorted. Interestingly it was because I had setup a ram drive and when it gets full it blanks the e-mail content!


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