Vaio Screen brightness

  niceguy_uk 21:18 14 Jul 07

I have just replaced my old Vaio VGN FS315S with a FE48E. Somehow the present screen appears to have a bluish hue and not as bright. I have checked all settings. Is this the way new x-black laptops are build to prevent glare or is there something wrong with my set.
Thank you

  ambra4 22:20 14 Jul 07

Have you try holding down the FN (Function Key) + and adjust the brightness with the arrow keys

  niceguy_uk 22:22 14 Jul 07

yes tried that

  ambra4 22:40 14 Jul 07

Than it look like the display is faulty there is no other way to adjust the brightness

return to the supplier unit under warranty

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