Utility transfering MP3 from playlist to USB drive

  Widow's Son 12:00 12 Nov 06

I have a large collection of mp3s on my pc. Is there a utility out there (Ideally freeware because I'm cheap) which will transfer all the contents of a playlist (PLU or M£U) over onto my USB2 pen drive without my having to go through my pc and transfer each file individually? It would be a big time saver

  Widow's Son 12:13 12 Nov 06

Not M£U of course - why can't we edit our posts?

  mike1967 14:45 12 Nov 06

Drag and drop????

  Widow's Son 20:06 12 Nov 06

and that would be the solution if I had only a few hundred mp3s or was dealing with a small usb pen - but we talking 6500ish mp3s all sorted into artist/album sub folders and pen drives that are all around the 2gb mark.

I'm looking for an utility to pick up the location of the file from a playlist and then copy the file across

  skidzy 20:14 12 Nov 06

Have you tried Syncing the songs/albums Highlighting them and let WMP do the rest ?

  Widow's Son 20:30 12 Nov 06

Get an "Error: Windows Media Player cannot sychronize the file. The Player might not Support the file Type" message when trying to sync after importing a M3U and it doesn't accept a PLS list

  skidzy 20:36 12 Nov 06

Looks like you may have to rename the files,have a look here,it may help click here to do what you want,i would expect you to pay im afraid.

  Widow's Son 20:40 12 Nov 06

I don't see how that achieve the desired result

  Bucklebury 23:20 12 Nov 06

goto main file edit/select all/copy then paste to device or selectall/then drag n drop files will stay as thay are but it will take a while due to size

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