Utilising more than 1 web hosting company

  toddymax 09:10 03 Apr 06

Can you use two different companies from one computer - easily? Can someone give me an outline of the set up required for this. Can't get my head round how it would work. Thanks.

  mco 16:20 03 Apr 06

YOu can use as many web hosting companies as you can afford on one computer - with your different websites. They are on the internet so there's no problem. I have one site with Lycos and one with web-mania. Are you thinking of more than one site? Or one site with two companies - which doesn't make sense?

  mco 16:21 03 Apr 06

you (usually) make your site offline on your pc, then connect to the internet and upload it to space on the internet that you've got from the webhosting company you are paying

  phil 23:00 03 Apr 06

I think we've been here before.

click here

  toddymax 11:21 05 Apr 06

I think I was perhaps asking the question in the wrong way. Yes, can you have more than one isp and therefore load your sites to different web hosting companies? I would like to compare two different hosting companies in an 'up and running' situation. Am I making sense now? Thanks for all your feedback so far

  jgosden 11:55 05 Apr 06

I see what you mean. Technically its possible if you use standard dialup but if your on broadband its probably much more hassle than its worth.

Theres much better webspace out there than that provided by your ISP anyway you should have a look at just getting webspace from an external company if thats what you need.

  toddymax 12:06 05 Apr 06

Thanks for that, I'm getting some insight now. Don't fully understand your second paragraph. We've used Clara for e-mail for some years and it would be a big prob. for business reasons to change our e-mail address. However, I've found there are other, better?, web hosting companies out 'there'. Yes, we are on broadband accessed through Wanadoo. comments?

  toddymax 17:46 05 Apr 06

Comprehensive answer John much appreciated. Trouble is my knowledge is still at road with holes in stage - You've travelled quite far and actually begin to feel a bit confident about your navigation skills then suddenly down a hole you go and feel a bit foolish. So thanks for lending a hand to get me back up!

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