Using XP MMC for a logical partition

  david.h 14:02 02 Oct 04

I have XP PRO and have a spare 12g on my extended partition if i make a 6g logical partition from it using xp mmc will i loose any info on my extended partition. Will xp automatically give it a drive letter.
i know partitiom magic does this but i only have P.Magic6 which is no good for xp.

  pj123 14:47 02 Oct 04

Don't know much about Win XP but you could try Ranish free from click here Should do what you want.

  mgmcc 17:29 02 Oct 04

You would normally create a new "logical drive" in the "extended partition". Presumably you have an existing "logical drive" that doesn't use the full "extended partition", so you can now create a second "logical drive" that will have its own drive letter and won't damage data in the existing drive.

Not sure what XP MMC is, but you should be able to do it with Disk Management in XP's Computer Management. (Right click "My Computer" and select Manage.)

  david.h 17:57 02 Oct 04

Thank you that solves the question

  lozparry 18:05 02 Oct 04

MMC is your microsoft management console that has disk management and various other tools. you use snap in what tool you want. XP home has limited ver. As mentioned you have primary partitions up to 3 with 1 extended partition. within you can have loads of logical partitions.

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