Using Webcam as Home Security

  Nontek 11:18 18 Apr 12

A friend has asked my advice on possibility of using a Webcam for Security Surveillance. I have told her it is possible but that I have no experience of same.

Any advice please that I can pass on, would be most welcome. Inexpensive or Free would help!

TIA ....

  spuds 11:28 18 Apr 12

This subject as been aired before on the forum. There are software packs out there, that will do the job. So possibly a quick internet search might bring some results.

I have just put 'using webcam for surveillance' in Google, and it came up with quite a number of what appears to be good links.

  Nontek 12:18 18 Apr 12

Hi spuds, thanks for your input - I have already had a Google and have noted a couple of links to pass on, was hoping someone might have had actual experience and could put in a word.

  Woolwell 12:22 18 Apr 12

alan14 is probably the person you want to respond.

  Nontek 20:31 18 Apr 12


  Nontek 19:01 19 Apr 12

My friend is happy with link I gave her, so I will give this one the Green-tick!!

Thanks to all who answered.

In case anyone else is interested, this is the link .....

enter link description here

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