Using a US sourced laptop in UK

  stevie8abes 26 Sep 11

I've been planning to swap my laptop for the last few months and thought all my prayers had been answered when I saw the Lenovo U400... However, to my dismay it seems they wont be shipping to the UK!

As such, what issues would there be if I were to source it in the States for use in the UK? I believe the power adaptor will work here (with a 3-pin adaptor) and the keyboard will be US (£ in the wrong place, etc) but will there be any other issues?

  wiz-king 27 Sep 11

A large bill from HMRC on the importation and a total lack of serviceability and possibly a lack of waranty.

You may need a new charger as it may come with a 115V charger (some are dual voltage but not all).

  Forum Editor 27 Sep 11

Instead of trying to make a US model fit a UK hole, why don't you take a look at the rest of the Lenovo range? I use one of these machines on an almost daily basis, and it's hard to fault it.

  stevie8abes 27 Sep 11

The HMRC bill would just be the VAT apparently Wiz-king.

As for other laptops in the range, I'd almost bought a Thinkpad E520 when I heard about the U400. I really like the aluminium shell (vanity I know) so that aligned with the potential price point, spec and Lenovo reputation for quality meant it was the ideal package.

I've also just read that there is likely to be a glut of new Ultrabooks in the New year so it may be worth waiting to see what comes out.


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