Using US printer in the UK

  Mid1956 10:55 27 May 08

My girlfriend has recently returned to the UK from the US and has brought back a HP 6210 printer. I notice on the transformer that it states 110-240volts. Can I simply change the US plug to a UK three pin plug and use it on a UK 240volt supply or do I need to run it through a US/UK plug adaptor? Any help will be much appreciated.

  Technotiger 11:08 27 May 08

Yes, just change the plug.

  Technotiger 11:10 27 May 08

PS - use a 5amp fuse!

  Mid1956 11:10 27 May 08

Many thanks for the response. Do you have any idea what size fuse I should use in the UK plug?

  Mid1956 11:11 27 May 08

Got there before me! Many thanks for all your help.

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