Using the Sony WinXP System Recovery Discs

  mickieswall 18:01 24 Nov 12

I want to restore the system to its original factory settings using the discs that came with it - there are 3 - and I know that I should back up the files and Pictures that I want to save.

The last time we reformatted the WinXPpro version was installed, and now I want to go back to the original XP Home version.

Last time, we moved the files we wanted to save over to drive D and then moved them back to C after the re-do.

My question is: If I use the recovery discs (never used them before) will it automatically format both drives C & D or just drive C? Do I get an option while the discs are running the recovery?

  Ex plorer 23:38 30 Nov 12

I reckon if you go back to Factory settings your hard drive will over write the C drive completely.

You will need an external drive to do any back up.

Have a look in programs under the computers name mine been a Samsung has its own tools. Basic Restore, or compete Restore, and Data restore.

Before loading any programs reload the drivers that should be on one of the disks.

The XP disk should do it all for you though including drivers.

  Ex plorer 09:58 01 Dec 12

Forgot to say D is part of C drive so this will be over written also going back to factory settings.

  lotvic 23:51 01 Dec 12

google for VGNT300series_Recoveryguide.pdf and This sony .pdf has a section: Drive C Partition Recovery, Restore only Drive C to the original. Be aware the link is to directly download the pdf. If you want a peek preview of it then click on 'Quick View'

or you can go to: select your pc (desktop or laptop) or enter your model number, then go to manuals and click on Recovery Options Guide .pdf

I would think that the Recovery Options are same for every model with XP

  woodchip 10:53 03 Dec 12

Though D is a Part of the same drive it will not overwrite it as it is a different partition on the drive. Only the C drive will be restored. So if you have Backed up your file just restore from the Disc, you may only need to boot with the CD in the drive if CMOS settings have not been changed since you got the PC or you you may need to start with CD in drive and keep taping F8 as it boots to fetch up the Safe Mode and Recovery options screen

  Ex plorer 15:26 03 Dec 12

Woodchip thanks for correcting me.

  woodchip 16:30 03 Dec 12

Ex plorer

No Problem, we all have to start somewhere. Even I get it wrong sometimes

  mickieswall 03:17 04 Dec 12

Thanks everybody for your input. I was hoping that I could just move my files over to D and then move them back after the recovery. Just in case, I will move all the good stuff to CDs or flash drives. :)

  woodchip 12:44 04 Dec 12

You can do that with your own stuff but not move prtograms

  woodchip 12:45 04 Dec 12

Sorry too big a fingers, should be Programs

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