Using SATA drive via USB

  1933 14:14 09 Feb 11

I recently purchased a 1 TB Sata drive and a HDD docking station. When I connect the setup to the PC (on Vista or XP) the drive is recognised by the system but I cannot find it on the list of drives in Control Panel. It is in the list of USB devices as a Mass Storage but I can find no way of accessing the drive. Any suggestions would be welcome. Many thanks Dave

  Jollyjohn 14:41 09 Feb 11

Go Start
Control Panel
System & Maintenance
Administrative tools
Computer Management
Disk Management
Is the drive listed here - if so what sort of file system is and has it been assigned a drive letter.

It may be that the drive needs formatting before use - use NTFS
Once formatted Windows should then assign a drive letter automatically.

  Terry Brown 14:51 09 Feb 11

I believe their is a limit of about 1300GB for an eternal drive on the XP or Vista 32 bit system.
You may need to split the drive into smaller partitions. i.e. 2 x 1 Terabyte

  Terry Brown 14:52 09 Feb 11

Sorry I though I read 2 terabyte.

  1933 15:25 09 Feb 11

Thanks for the replies, I found the SATA drive listed under the Computer Management as Disc 10 and the capacity details are correct BUT it is described as not Initialsed with a red dot with white bar (no entry sign). As it is not listed elswhere how can I possibly format the drive? Thanks. Dave

  Pineman100 15:46 09 Feb 11

click here

Scroll down to paragraph 6.

  1933 11:37 10 Feb 11

Thanks again for your advice but when I get to the page showing the drive and listed as Not Initialised and Not Allocated if I do a right click the only options available are New Simole Volume, Help and Properties. Trying New Simple Volume only ends up with Cannot complete because disk in not initialised. Seems to be a Catch 22. This is using a Vista PC, on XP it is almost the same. Dave

  961 11:43 10 Feb 11

Can you format via the BIOS?

  Jollyjohn 12:54 10 Feb 11

Does the manufacturer of the drive supply any disc management tools? - search their website.

  robin_x 13:07 10 Feb 11

Try 3rd Party partition tools

Partition Wizard
Paragon Partition
Easeus Partition Master

All are freeware. Scroll down a few in the link.
click here

Also gparted (Linux) boot Live CD iso download link).
click here

  1933 14:03 10 Feb 11

Many thanks to all who gave advice, much appreciated. I found that when I right clicked on the column on the LEFT of the line showing the drive, where it stated DISK 1, not initialised etc (instead of in the area to the right, I was then able to initialise and format the drive. A lesson learned. Thanks again. Dave

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