Using Samsung netbook to access wireless printer.

  nick_j007 21:14 25 Jan 11

Hi all.

I have 2 Samsung NC10's here at home that I would like to be able to print using my new Epson PX720WD wireless printer.

The printer is fine when sending doc's or images from my main PC, but I suspect I need to load the same software via the CD onto these laptops?

Problem with that is they don't have CD drives. Am I thinking along the right lines here? If so, is it possible to drag the info onto a memory stick, insert into laptop and off I go?

Look forward to your thoughts.

Thank you.

  Ashrich 00:18 26 Jan 11

Or you could network all three PC's , share the DVD drive on the desktop PC and run the drivers over the network .....although a USB stick might be quicker , but not as much fun !!


  Ashrich 00:24 26 Jan 11

Actually I set up an Epson SX425W the other day for a client , having got the printer to access the wireless router the clients laptop picked it up without having to do an add printer routine and automatically downloaded the drivers from the net .


  nick_j007 09:06 26 Jan 11

Late last night I copied the files from the CD to a USB stick and then ran the .exe file all ok to each laptop without hassle. It asked me if it was a new install or additional computer, so that made it a lot easier.

Thank you Ashley.


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