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  Publisher 19:22 28 May 06

I am trying to help my father solve a problem on his laptop. He lives 250 miles away and is 84, so verbal instructions don't help. I am trying to get Remote Assistance working. I have broadband, he is on dial-up. Both using XP.
When he comes to confirm my having access to his pc his server refuses, what does this mean?


  Taff™ 21:42 28 May 06

What message does he get and who is the ISP?

  Taff™ 21:47 28 May 06

It is more likely a firewall. Which Operating System is he using.

  brambles 17:32 29 May 06

Taff™ second message is the important one I think remote access will only work with Windows XP Professional.

I'm not convinced Windows is the best vehicle for remote control. Why not try GoToMyPc not sure about the web address but they do offer (or did) a free trial period. It's extremely easy to use. You would obviously need to set the trial up on your Father's computer.

Just an idea - you may like it even after the free trial period.


  BBez 18:03 29 May 06

this may help you: click here

  Publisher 18:32 29 May 06

Thaks for the help, I will follow these suggestions and see.

The message is 'Cannot resolve host', and his ISP is Supanet.


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