Using Outlook 2007 as Mail Client

  TonyV 00:07 25 Mar 12

Due to the problems I had with WLM, I have removed it and gone on to using Outlook 2007 as my mail client.

It is certainly not a very friendly programme to use. In other mail Clients I have used, Outlook Express and WLM in various iterations, I used to be set up with a Folder for my particular e mail addresses, one folder per e mail address.

When I transferred every thing from WLM to Outlook, the self same folders were also transferred. Good. There is also the Storage Folder which contains all the various sub-folders that allow me to know where the messages are kept. As the Meercats would say "Simples!"

In the Account/Address Folders I had a series of sub-folders. Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Junk and Deleted. When I sent messages they would automatically go in to the relevant sent Folder for the address that sent it. I don't seem to be able to do that in Outlook. So now I have one folder for each of the e mail address I/we have, and every thing that is received goes in to a main Inbox, or if sent in, to the main Sent Box, or the main Draft folder or the main Deleted folder. Is there any way that from a particular address I can keep the messages in its sub-folders?



  TonyV 11:51 26 Mar 12


  Woolwell 12:00 26 Mar 12

You need to set up message rules. I have 3 e-mail accounts using Outlook 2007 and each goes into the relevant folde eg I have a message rule that states "Apply this rule after the message arrives sent to "my e-mail address" and move it to the .... folder. See Manage messages by rules

The easiest way is to use a template and an existing e-mail.

  Woolwell 12:00 26 Mar 12

ps It is actually quite a friendly program once you get use to it. It is much more than an e-mail client.

  TonyV 20:43 26 Mar 12


Thanks for your responses. I have it working, but only for e mail. I have no real use for its other features. I'll have a look at some of the rules and see what I can sort out.

I have tried to sort out the notifications and it either doesn't want to do it or I have to set a rule to get that to work. I have managed it partially but it is certainly not as user friendly as I would have anticipated. Why does it have the facility to notify via sound or desktop then not do as I have asked of it? I get the impression that if you put more than one style of notification, it suffers with indigestion!

I think it is same with most things from Microsoft. One pace forward and 19 backwards!! I will persevere and see what I can do.



  Woolwell 22:23 26 Mar 12

Notifications: Tools - Options - Preferences tab - Click on e-mail options then click on advanced email options - in the window that opens Under when new items arrive in my Inbox - tick play a sound and click on desktop alert settings to increase the length of time the alert stays on the desktop and change its transparency.

  TonyV 09:44 27 Mar 12


I have got the sounds to work, I can't get two elements to work together. To get over the problem, I created a rule to get the Desktop notification to work. As I said earlier, why have the facility to get more than one notification working if it what it really needs is a couple of Rennies!!

I actually got the answer from a Google search where it seems this can be a particular problem with Outlook 2007. I even tried repairing it via the Help link. It worked once then went AWOL again!!

So I will leave it as it is now, with the Sounds operating and the Rule doing what it should.




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