Using One Monitor For 2 PC's

  sunrunner 08:02 04 Dec 08

Hi all,

I have a newer LCD screen (DVI)that works fine with my main PC. I would also like to view a second (lot older PC, a D-sub I think) using the same monitor. I am told that there are switching devices available but have found it all a bit confusing.

Any help or direction on what I need would be greatly appreciated.


  hastelloy 08:12 04 Dec 08
  sunrunner 08:22 04 Dec 08

Thanks for the quick reply marvin.

I don't think this switch will help. I may be wrong but the spec says D-sub. The older PC is D-sub but my newer PC is DVI of some sort. I don't know which type though.

Had a look at the other links too.

Am I right in thinking that I I wont be able to get a D-sub and DVI device?


  DieSse 13:42 04 Dec 08

Does your monitor have both DVI and VGA connectors?

Mine does, and so I can (and often do) connect a system to each and switch between them on the monitor controls.

  woodchip 14:07 04 Dec 08

As above, way to go is KVM.

  woodchip 14:11 04 Dec 08

Or you may have B.N.C connector's on the back of your monitor as one of my old Crt Monitors does. you can then connect VGA and B.N.C cable from each computer. The monitor also as to have a switch for changing over

  FreeCell 14:59 04 Dec 08

click here
Something like this will help. Means swopping leads each time rather than switch but depends how often you intend doing it.

  sunrunner 15:37 04 Dec 08

Thanks everyone!

There is indeed both connections on the monitor.

Will see if I can get it working.

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