Using a notebook at home?

  Simsy 12:27 14 Jun 06


I'm about to be asked, (when he returns from holiday), for help in getting a PC by a colleague. I know that he wants a notebook, as opposed to a desktop, for reasons of space.

My simple question is, and I realise this will be a generalisation, bearing in mind that the batteries for notebooks tend to have limited usage time, i.e. a few hours at a time,, can they normally be used powered by the mains, and is there any problem with this being the normal method of powering them. (I'm thinking of heat issues). Also, assuming it is possible, is it normal for the approriate power supply to come with a new notebook or do you expect it to be a chargeable optional extra?

Thanks in anticipation,



  Minkey1 12:42 14 Jun 06

Hi Simsy
All conventionally purchased laptops should come complete with the battery and power "brick".

We've 3 laptops at home, all usually left on mains power, without apparent ill effect. Running on batteries to low power and then re-charging will prolong battery capacity and life though.

The heat issue isn't a problem unless your colleague wants to sit with it on his lap for hours on end (whether running on battery or mains) in which case he'll certainly have sweaty thighs.

Centrino laptops are usually optimised for maximising battery run time if that's an issue.

  Simsy 12:44 14 Jun 06



  Belatucadrus 12:45 14 Jun 06

"Can they normally be used powered by the mains"


"and is there any problem with this being the normal method of powering them."

No. Running them on a clean hard surface is usually beneficial to their ventilation, as many have ventilation holes in the baseplate. Problems start to crop up when they're put on beds, carpet etc.

"is it normal for the appropriate power supply to come with a new notebook"

Absolutely as without it you aren't going to be able to recharge the battery. A notebook/Laptop without a mains/charger is a fatally incomplete package and should remain with the vendor.

  rmcqua 12:50 14 Jun 06

Minkey 1 is absolutely right with all his/her advice. Just one more point - when your friend leaves the laptop switched ON unattended for long periods, make sure it is on a flat surface, not something soft and fluffy like a bed or a material surface. This will make sure that the cooling is not compromised. I once had a nasty (expensive) experience with a laptop left on a pile of fluffy clothes.

  Shortstop 12:56 14 Jun 06


I have worked from home for 3 years now on a laptop continually plugged in from 8am to 6pm with no ill-effects at all.

One thing I did invest in was a docking station as this also raises the back of the Laptop to improve airflow and tilts the keyboard slightly making it easier to use.



  woodchip 13:52 14 Jun 06

You should remove the Battery and it is better stored at 50% charge in a cool location namely a Fridge in a Plastic bag NOT IN A FREEZER this where the battery will last the longest. Do not leave in Laptop when on Mains as it is always on charge this ruins the battery

  ade.h 13:55 14 Jun 06

Some people say that you should remove a fully charged cell when using the mains supply, but I phoned HP Support about this recently and was assured that it's not necessary (though this may vary depending on the manufacturer) as the cell is apparently bypassed once it's at 100% charge. There is a solid technical argument in favour of storing a cell at around 40-50% charge (opinions vary on the percentage) in a refrigerator if it is not required for extended periods.

  ade.h 13:55 14 Jun 06

And while I was typing my second paragraph, Woodchip already mentioned it!

  woodchip 14:12 14 Jun 06

Just to had to this Thread for Search, is that they are starting to make laptops that only start to charge when the battery gets low on charge about 10% then it kicks in until fully charged. it then shuts down to use on internal battery

  woodchip 14:18 14 Jun 06

Sorry ADD not Had

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