Using New Hotmail Account With Email Programme

  webber_man 22:20 22 Jun 05

Since Hotmail stopped allowing new accounts to be used with Outlook/Outlook Express nd other programmes without paying the fee has anyone become aware of a programme that you can use for free to read your Hotmail emails from an account set up recently?


  octal 22:23 22 Jun 05

Yes, Freepops click here I use it for all my web mail accounts.

  octal 22:23 22 Jun 05

Yes, Freepops click here I use it for all my web mail accounts.

  octal 22:24 22 Jun 05

Sorry, about the double posting, I got an error returned from the silly PCA server.

  webber_man 22:42 22 Jun 05

Cheers. But having downloaded it and read through the instructions im still none the wiser! Must be the wine!

  octal 06:44 23 Jun 05

I'm not sure what problem you are getting because you haven't said, so I'll try and guess. If its the setting up of it this is what you do.

Run the program, you probably won't get an indication the program has installed itself, but it has.

Start as if you are setting up a new pop3 account, the only thing which is different between a normal pop3 account and Freepops is the server name which is called localhost and the port number which is 2000 instead of port 110 which is normally used for pop3, like this example:

click here

Then run get messages, it will ask for your password as normal and your messages should appear.

If you are sending, you use your usual SMTP like you do for sending all email.

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