Using my old PC hard drive in a new PC

  hawkesfield 21:34 11 Feb 11

I am going to purchase a new PC soon. I know that one has to be careful about disposing of old PC's with personal details on the drive. Could I remove the drive and use it as a second drive in the new PC, or would that cause problems. If that is possible would I be able tot access the files on the old drive once it is attached?
I am still only a novice but it seems a good idea.
Otherwise if that is not possible how can I make sure that all my personal files are destroyed on my old PC?

  Nontek 21:36 11 Feb 11

Personally I would put the old drive in a USB Caddy, you could then access it just like any other USB drive.

  Nontek 21:39 11 Feb 11
  Proclaimer 21:56 11 Feb 11

If the new PC has SATAII and your old drive is IDE then perhaps not. Most Motherboards do have one IDE Connector on them but some 'cheap' ones won't.

If it has an IDE Port, then no problem if you are happy installing the drive.

  rdave13 22:00 11 Feb 11

I'd go with Nontek's idea. Use it in the caddy to get all your photos, music and documents off it, then format it, and use as storage.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:43 13 Feb 11

"if you put it in a USB caddy you will not be able to access the files easily with out going through a process."

Half true but only if the files are in the My document folder of windows for the old PC and you have a password set for the user.

the process to access those files is simple anyway.

  proudfoot 11:41 13 Feb 11

You will not be able to access any operating system files from the new PC.
I suggest you transfer any data video audio files etc to a new folder on the old disk and delete the O/S or a temp. folder on the new PC HD
If the files have been put on the new PC reformat the old drive and then transfer the files from the new PC to the old drive in folders to suit your purpose or in en mass if in separate folders and then delete fro the temp. folder.

  Strawballs 13:17 13 Feb 11

I have never had trouble accessing data in my documents when Drive put in caddy and used as external

  Siberian Winter 18:15 13 Feb 11

I used an IDE drive with a SATA motherboard using an adapter which effectively converts an IDE drive to a SATA drive. It worked brilliantly. Whatever you do, don't throw out a perfectly good hard drive with an old PC. I still have the adapter. I may put it on e-bay - that's where I got it from. The caddies are also good. I use them too, but you should release the drive from any password protection or 'make personal' settings.

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