Using microsites to drive search engine traffic

  HighTower 29 Sep 09

I have a potential customer who is interested in producing a series of microsites to promote a different side to his business and drive people to one main ecommerce site.

For example, if he sells five main product ranges on his main ecommerce site he is wanting to have five microsites unique to each of these products. These would all be intended to rank highly in Google for keywords unique to that product and drive traffic to the main store.

I'm not convinced about this myself. I don't see how a microsite will rank highly enough against larger equally optimised competitors to make the exercise worthwhile. I can't help but think that his money would be better off being spent elsewhere.

Having said that, I haven't carried out a project with this brief before so I would be interested in anyone's thoughts on it.

  HighTower 29 Sep 09

Yes, maybe that's what he is thinking. It's almost the same sort of thing as developers used to use gateway pages for, except rather than a page it's a mini site.

Not convinced! I think I'll advise against it.

  Forum Editor 30 Sep 09

is not via microsites, it's done by having as many inbound links as possible on appropriate third-party sites, and by ensuring that the home site's content is updated at frequent intervals. Internet users aren't going to be fooled by what would be a transparent and rather blunt-instrument approach to marketing.

  HighTower 30 Sep 09

You've all confirmed my suspicions. It's been nice to be able to use the forum to bounce ideas off people - something that is sometimes difficult when you're a sole trader!

Thanks all.

  Ansolan 30 Sep 09

Helpful comments to date, including your own suspicions. Just to add that apart from being a poor use of time, this sort of approach can be out of line with search engine guidelines.

The old gateway approach certainly is and if these sites were no more than a thin attempt to achieve the same, possible you client could hit more of a problem than just wasting time.

  dasli 18 Nov 09

hm... on Mac for monitoring traffic I use ProteMac Meter...may be this prog help, if you have mac..


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