this link /a> etc. and to email a 'form' and I..."> this link /a> etc. and to email a 'form' and I..."> this link /a> etc. and to email a 'form' and I...">

Using "mailto:" and form method="post"

  Chris the Ancient 29 Aug 09

Just about finalised (?) my website.

I have a contact page with...
mailto link p>You may, however, use a href="mailto:enquiries@mysite. co. uk"> this link /a> etc.
and to email a 'form' and I use...
form method="post" enctype="text/plain"
action="mailto:enquiries@mysite. co. uk?subject=Contact page from Web site">

The disadvantage is that this dumps whatever is to be sent into the user's email client outbox.

Is there a way of making this an 'immediate' action rather than a 'perhaps later' type of action?

(But I have included, in the content that the user may need to go to their email client to actually send.)

  OTT_Buzzard 29 Aug 09

Try using a contact form so that your server emails you immediately. E.g. click here

Be careful about code injection no matter what you do.

  OTT_Buzzard 29 Aug 09

click here

Perhaps a better form code?

  Chris the Ancient 29 Aug 09

I will experiment with those ideas tomorrow.

It looks a bit more complex than I am used to (my website experience is _very_ limited; but I'll see what I can do with it.

  Chris the Ancient 30 Aug 09

Managed, at last, to have a more in-depth look at your links. They look impressive.

However, I have never had any dealings with php before and I'll be well out of my depth here.

Seeing as my host is a friend, and he knows a lot more about these things, what I will do is show him the links and see if he can make the appropriate modifications for me.

Many thanks for the help and guidance (even though it was above my simple head).



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