Using LCD TV as a monitor but cant get picture

  worf007 05:45 09 Mar 08

Bought a new LCD TV (Samsung)to use as a monitor but when I connect my PC to it I cant get a picture. It works fine with my lap top but not the PC desktop. When I press the PC button on the remote the TV says check cable signal but I know the VGA cable works fine as the TV works fine with the lap top Where am I going wrong?

  100andthirty 06:37 09 Mar 08

There are tasks to do on your PC to make sure you can use an external monitor. Please tell us how you're doing it? do you have 2 monitor sockets? what are they? what graphics card do you have?

Assuming you have two sockets, you have to enable the second one, and set the resolution to the setting needed by your TV

  dms05 10:05 09 Mar 08

Yes, the resolution is very important. As it's a TV then the resolution will be fairly low, even if it supports 1080p. You will need to set the PC graphics card carefully. My Samsung 37" TV came with decent instructions in the manual.

  worf007 01:51 10 Mar 08

There are two monitor sockets, one for VGA and the other for DVI (I assume) My graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 6600, the only thing I have tried so far with the graphics card is to tick 'force television dectection on start up' within the Nvidia control panel. This hasn't worked. The manual that came with the Samsung 19" TV hasn't helped.

  worf007 10:53 11 Mar 08

This TV is driving me insane, any suggestions as to how I get a picture? Much appreciated

  worf007 02:35 12 Mar 08

Anyone please, i'm about to throw the TV out of the window. Thanks for any help.

  kevinjuan 08:45 12 Mar 08

Have a look in the Nvidia control panel. Is the TV listed in there as a display?

  laurie53 08:50 12 Mar 08

Suggest you throw the PC out of the window, not the TV. After all, the TV works with the laptop!

Sorry I otherwise can't help, tho' I do have a TV as a monitor.

  kevinjuan 09:17 12 Mar 08

Just swapped my monitor for my Samsung LE19R71 TV plugged into my Nvidia 6600GT (via VGA). Everything works just fine. So fine, in fact that I might just keep it and buy a new TV for the bedroom!

In my Nvidia control panel the samsung shows up as my display in place of my Medion 18" monitor.

sorry I cant be of more help, but mine works fine.


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