Using laptop and projector for film show

  Verbose 10 Mar 12

Hi, I have another query re showing films with laptop and digital projector. My laptop is fairly basic with integrated graphics and mediocre sound. For sound I have an amplifier and large speakers fed from the laptop. If I bought a better laptop with a decent sound card and separate graphics would there be any noticeable improvement in the image quality and sound? Thanks

If I were you, I'd set up what you've got now and see/hear if it's acceptable. Or have you already done that, and determined that it isn't?

  Verbose 11 Mar 12

Yes, it's ok but the sound is a bit muuddy, picture quality is quite reasonable. Maybe I am just trying to convince myself that I need a new laptop! Having said that mine is incredibly slow.I like the look of the Toshiba satellite! Thanks for replying

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11 Mar 12

just trying to convince myself that I need a new laptop!

and why not :0)

I use an old HP laptop with win 2k pro that's fine for presentations also uesd a Toshiba with Vista the sound was rubbish from the built in speaker but Ok when run through external speakers.

Best improvement for films would, of course, be a laptop with a Blu Ray player (with Blu ray films).

Verbose: from the sound of it, you definitely, definitely need a laptop. Don't delay!

Does that help? Far be it from me to discourage an investment in a shiny new PC. Sometimes, it's just got to be done... ;-)

  Woolwell 11 Mar 12

Quality of picture may depend on projector (colour accuracy, resolution, etc) and no point getting blu-ray if the the projector isn't up to it. I regularly show films using a laptop and a projector. Built in graphics works ok but the picture screened was a bit dark until I adjusted the projector settings.


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