Using the Laptop to play DVDs thru TV...

  AngeTheHippy 16:07 12 Apr 03

Hi all, I should be receiving a new and wonderful Laptop in the next week or so, and was wondering what cable I will need to connect the Laptop to my TV to watch DVDs? I'm pretty sure it can be done - there is a 'TV out' port on the back - does that mean what I think it does?


  Tog 17:09 12 Apr 03

There are 3 types of connection to most modern TVs that a PC can use, the 5pin Din AV connector, SCART AV connector and SV sockets. The output from your laptop will probably be either the 5pin Din or an SV connector. It's unlikely, but you may get the required adaptor with the laptop, if not, make a note of the connectors on your TV and laptop (or grab the instructions books for both) and head off to your local PC stockist to get the correct lead. You can get them fairly cheaply on the internet but with postage to be paid, you may as well buy from a shop.

You may need to make some changes on the Display Advanced page. Post back if you have problems and include your OS, and type of graphics card fitted.

  AngeTheHippy 17:15 12 Apr 03

thanks for this. It will have OS XP, but graphics card is not specified. I don't know whether it's a 'named' variety (don't think Evesham use 'dodgy' manufacturers..)It's an Evesham Voyager 5714 that I've configured (upwards) - more ram, higher CPU etc. Can't wait for it actually,


  Tog 17:49 12 Apr 03


  roygbiv 17:51 12 Apr 03

I have got a BELKIN cable F8V351-10M for the job. No one has told me this the wrong one (yet) for connecting PC to TV. The kit comes with 1 lead with mini din plugs and the other with 1 red plug and 1 white plug to the sound card plug(thingy plug)plus the adaptor to put all these into a scart plug. Hope this helps. If i am wrong someone please tell me!!!.

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