Using IE to update web site?

  stlucia 10:57 23 Feb 09

I've been maintaining my web sites using Terrapin FTP for several years now, without any problem.

Yesterday, after not updating for about six months, Terrapin gave an error message that the server wouldn't accept my request, or words to that effect.

My web site hoster has told me how to view the files in my web site using Internet Explorer and, sure enough, I can. Now I see when I've got the files on my screen there's a menu option to "Synchronise".

I'm scared to go any further at the moment in case I screw something up which I can't undo because Terrapin's not working. So can someone confirm that with IE I can maintain my web site by nominating the folder on my PC that contains the relevant files, then telling it to synchronise them with what's on my web site?

  MAJ 13:02 23 Feb 09

IE isn't a great as an FTP client, use Filezilla. click here

  stlucia2 07:52 24 Feb 09

Thanks, MAJ. I'll try Filezilla later, but for the moment I need to find out how to use IE to update my web files.

I'm sure there's something wrong with the web server, but my ISP's helpline is asking me to try accessing the site using IE instead of Terrapin. They say I should be able to drag and drop files, but I can't figure out how.

P.S. Sorry about the different user name. I got logged in as this name by mistake, and can't figure out how to change back to my old account !!

  mgmcc 08:06 24 Feb 09
  mgmcc 08:09 24 Feb 09

Sorry, the forum software has totally messed that up. The URL is (without spaces):

f t p: // username:password @

  stlucia 09:03 24 Feb 09

Thanks, mgmcc, that's cracked it. I had a bit of a problem finding the address bar, but I've now opened Windows Explorer twice, and dragged and dropped my updated files to my web site successfully.

I'll have a look at Explorer2 and, if it works just like that, I'll ditch my Terrapin FTP.

  stlucia 20:10 24 Feb 09

Well, Explorer2 is not doing very well at the moment. It's unable to make direct contact with my web site -- it takes a long time reading data from the web, then eventually opens a new MS Internet Explorer window with my web site files in it. Shouldn't it open up in the second Explorer2 window?

I'm still able to do the transfer almost instantly by opening two copies of MS Windows Explorer, so there can't really be a problem at the server.

  mgmcc 20:29 24 Feb 09

>>> eventually opens a new MS Internet Explorer
>>> window with my web site files in it. Shouldn't
>>> it open up in the second Explorer2 window?

Yes, the second window should list the files on the web server in exactly the same way as Windows Explorer itself does. I cannot offer an explanation as to why it isn't doing this for you, because it works as expected for me in both XP and Vista.

  stlucia 08:27 25 Feb 09

It's just dawned on me -- it didn't ask for my username or password when it displayed the web files in the second window so, obviously, I didn't have permission to alter files.

So, I must be doing something wrong when inputting my web site's address. I'll persevere with it later today, and see if I can figure out which step I'm doing wrong.

  mgmcc 11:53 25 Feb 09

If you enter the URL in the format I originally posted, i.e. including "username:password" then your list of files should open automatically.

If you just use the format...

f t p: //

...then you'll be prompted to enter your Username & Password separately.

  stlucia 12:14 25 Feb 09

I've tried h t p://myusername : mypassword @ (without the spaces), then h t p://myusername : mypassword @, and the simple f t p:// as suggested in your last post.

Each time I get about a 30-second wait while the program says it's reading the files, then an error message "Windows cannot access this folder. .... Details: The connection with the server was reset."

I can still update my site using IE, then clicking on View > Display these files using Windows Explorer, then opening Windows Explorer again and dragging files between the two windows.

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