using a ide hard drive on a sata mobo

  losmara 22:26 24 Oct 05

I want to use a ide hard drive on a sata motherboard.

I know I'll need somesort of adapter in order to be able to do this.

My local computer shop quoted me a price of £25 but I have found this one click here which is half that price. Could anybody tell me if this is the right adaptor for what I what to do.

  woodchip 22:36 24 Oct 05

Forget the Sata Sockets, You can get this to plug EIDE ata drives into click here
it fits into a PCI slot

  007al 22:47 24 Oct 05

do you only have one ide connection on your motherboard?

  DieSse 22:53 24 Oct 05

On your link - be aware of the note at the bottom of the information page as to which SATA controllers it works with.

Aso be aware that by the time you've paid p&p it works out at nearly £19 - and if it doesn't work, hassle with returning it. Better buy locally I would have thought, and ask for a "work or return" agreement.

  losmara 22:58 24 Oct 05

Thanks for the speedy response Woodchip.

I know this might sound daft but could I just clarify a point before I go ahead and purchase this. The eide drive that I want to use will be the only harddrive in the system. It will boot okay from this card won't it.

  losmara 23:05 24 Oct 05


Thanks for pointing that out. How could I find out which sata controller is on the motherboard? Would it generally be listed on the box or would I have to look in the manual to find this info?

  woodchip 15:37 25 Oct 05

With the above card you should get drivers, From the link photo etc it runs for EIDE drives Its a Raid card.

Read the FEATURES. And look at the bottom of that list

  woodchip 15:40 25 Oct 05

PS also print of reviews to help you set it up.

click here

  007al 18:37 25 Oct 05

can you say what motherboard it is?

  losmara 23:04 25 Oct 05

007al I haven't bought it yet but I was going to get a Gigabyte GA-7VT600P-RZ

  007al 23:26 25 Oct 05

the board has two ide connections on it...why do you want an add on pci card?

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