Using this helproom

  bines 19:59 11 Mar 03

Whenever I log into the helproom I want to see the latest postings in the list and work back to those which I last listed. Instead the first page presented is always old and I can't see any way of moving forward to more recent pages. The only thing that works is to keep loading page 2 and then back to 1 and repeating. I don't know why this works though.

I'm sure I'm missing something easy so could someone please set me straight!


  recap 20:05 11 Mar 03

At the top of the page you have links to,New, Reviews,Magazines etc, all you need do is click on the Helproom link to get to page 1.

  bines 20:15 11 Mar 03

Thanks for the reply, I will try that next time. It just had to be something easy - or maybe I am a dummy!


  recap 20:20 11 Mar 03

You could also use the Refresh button or the F5 key on your keyboard bines.

  VoG™ 20:34 11 Mar 03

In IE, Tools/OPtions, General tab, Settings button, tick "Every visit to the page"

  watchful 21:03 11 Mar 03

Also, if you go to the little 'Jump to' box at the bottom of a page and select My Postings it will take you to all the threads you have either posted or had an input to.

  bines 10:04 12 Mar 03

I tried what you suggest but no joy - this morning it still displayed page 1 with posts from 24 February!

I tried jumping to page 10 then back to 1 and that seemed to be OK but I still can't understand why page 1 initially is always very old. Surely page 1 should always be the most recent?

I'll keep fiddling!


  Legolas 10:23 12 Mar 03

bines have you tried deleting all your cookies and or history files?

  bines 20:36 12 Mar 03

The problem seems to have been that I was not keeping the latest version of visited pages, thus things didn't seem to get updated. Re visiting my internet options in Tools has thrown up the answer with help and prompting from many in this helproom.

I think it is resolved now so I will tick it as such.

Many thanks to all who took time to help.


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